Motions Approved By Circulation

What is a Circulation Motion in the Union Council?

Circulation motions are formal motions submitted for circulation. Motions carried by circulation would be reported in each ordinary Union Council Meeting, except for the First Meeting of a Union Council Session.

Any Councillor who wants to put motion which does not require discussion or is likely to be acceptable by the Council shall notify the Council Chairperson. After the Council Chairperson shows his consent, the motion shall be circulated to the Councillors. The motion shall then be circulated to the Councillors for 7 days. If no contrary is heard from the Councillors within these 7 days, the Council shall endorse this motion. If any Councillor is against this motion, he shall notify the Council Chairperson in written form and this motion shall be put on the agenda of the next Council meeting. Please note that the motion which is carried after circulation is with the same effect with which is carried at a Council meeting.

For circulation motions prior to 2015, please contact the Council Secretariat.

Union Council Session 2019

Motion No. 1-40, to be reported in the next Council Meeting

Union Council Session 2018

Motion No. 1-120

Union Council Session 2017

Motion No. 1-46, as revised on 23 March 2017

Motion No. 47-89, as revised on 3 October 2017

Motion No. 90-137, as revised on 21 February 2018

Union Council Session 2016

Motion No. 1-36, as revised on 26 June 2017

Motion No. 37-80, as revised on 30 September 2017

Motion No. 81-120, as revised on 23 March 2017

Union Council Session 2015

Motion No. 106-142, as revised on 21 February 2017

Motion No. 143-154, as revised on 6 March 2017