Union and Union Council

List of the latest important documents of the Union

The Constitution is the basis of the Union’s power and operation. It outlines the aims of the Union and the privilege of its membership. It also provides the fundamental structure and directions for the Union’s authorities, including General Polling, General Meeting, Annual Election, the Council, the Union Executives, the Popularly Elected Union Councillors and the Campus Media. It designates the requirements and restrictions of the above parties to ensure the Union is represented democratically. In addition to the Constitution, the Council enacts its  By-laws to define the powers within itself and various guidelines in the operation of the Union. The Council By-laws also delegates the Council’s powers into different organs of the Council, including the enactment of various other Regulations.

The Council Standing Orders gives the Council Chairperson their duties, power and responsibilities over the administration and their leadership of the Council. It compromises a detailed manner of debate applicable to all formal meetings within the Union and its Sub-organisations, allowing the Chairperson to facilitate effective and multi-directional communication between everybody of the Union. The Council Judicial Procedure provides the specifics of the execution of the Council’s judicial power over the Union.

There are also four standing regulations in the Union, namely the Financial Regulation, the Council Election Regulation, the Internal Regulation and Affiliation Regulation. The former two are advised by the Union Finance Committee and the Union Elections Committee respectively. The Internal Regulations is maintained by the Administrative Secretary and designates the details of operations of Union’s facilities for Union Sub-organisations’ uses. The Council still oversees the execution of the above Regulations.