Transferring Records to the Collections

Pursuant to the By-laws of the Hong Kong University Students’ Union Council, the Union Council Secretariat (hereinafter referred to as “Secretariat”) is responsible for collecting documents and records relating to the Union from the Union Executive Committee and the Union sub-organizations. Moreover, the Secretariat should maintain all records, documents and materials of the Union.

Our Collections demonstrate the past and the achievements of the Union, and we are ambitious in preserving our history by safekeeping the complete historical records of the Union.

Through collecting materials and records of lasting value to the Union and her affiliated sub-organizations, the documentary heritage and full life of the Union from 1912 to the present are anticipated to be preserved.

The Secretariat accepts transfer of materials created by the Union sub-organizations, or allowing us to make copies of the documents. We collect all forms of records that serve as the evidences of the organization, policies, decisions, operations and other activities of the Union and her sub-organizations, regardless of physical characteristics or format.

Some examples of what we collect:

• Posters or Leaflets of key functions or activities

• Copies of Society Publications or Newsletters

• Society Products or Souvenirs

• Photographs or drawings

• Records of Special events

• Correspondences or Journals

• Campaign Booklets or Electoral Platforms

• Annual Reports of Clubs or Academic Societies

• Annual Working Plans of Clubs or Academic Societies

• Reports of General Meetings or General Pollings of Clubs or Academic Societies

As for the following records, they are required to be submitted and we do not collect them.

• Press statements and declarations

• Annual Reports of Faculty Societies or Hall Associations

• Annual Working Plans of Faculty Societies or Hall Associations

• Reports of General Meetings or General Pollings of Faculty Societies or Hall Associations

If you wish to transfer records to the Union Council Collections, please get in touch the Honorary Secretary of the Union Council at Once the transfer proposal is agreed by the Secretariat and the records have been prepared, you can transport them to the Union Council Collections’ custody according to an agreed timetable together with the Records Transfer Authorization.

If you would like access the records or items when they are transferred to the Union Council Collections, please kindly fill up the Application for Access to Union Council Collections and email it to

Please be noted that the English version shall prevail if there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version.





• 活動海報或單張

• 活動相片

• 學會產品或紀念品

• 學會刊物或通訊

• 學會期刊

• 政綱或諮詢小冊子

• 學術屬會(Academic Societies)、體育屬會(Sports Clubs)、文化屬會(Cultural Clubs)及學社屬會(Independent Clubs)之年度報告(Annual Report)、年度工作計劃(Annual Working Plan)及其全民大會和全民投票的紀錄


• 聲明

• 院會和舍堂學生會的之年度報告、年度工作計劃及其全民大會和全民投票的紀錄

在提交檔案前,請先電郵至council.secretariat.hkusu@gmail.com聯絡學生會評議會之榮譽秘書。 如欲索取資料,請先填寫申請索取評議會檔䅁表格(Application for Access to Union Council Collections ),然後電郵至。