How Can I Participate in the HKUSU Council?

You are highly encouraged to participate in the duties of the Council.

Students elected as Executives of some Union sub-organisations can participate in the Council as Union Councillors. This includes running for the Union Executives, Executives of Faculty Societies, Hall Students’ Associations, Sports Association, Cultural Association, Independent Clubs Association and Campus Media.
首先,同學可以透過「上莊」參與評議會,例如競逐成為學生會中央 幹事;又或成為院會、舍堂宿生會、體育聯會、文化聯會、學社聯會或校園傳媒的代表;亦可考慮參選評議會的直選席位,例如普選評議員,於評議會上代表所屬組織及基本會員發聲。

Students can also consider running for the Popularly Elected Union Councilors or opt for the seats for Full Members of the Union in the Council Standing Committees, which allow students to formulate the policies of the Union or the University. There are 8 seats for Full Members of the Union in the Current Affairs Committee and 7 seats in the University Affairs Committee.

If you are not interested in joining the Council, you may sit in on the meetings. You may even request the speaking right from the Council Chairperson to engage in the discussion during the meetings. Voting in General Pollings and Annual Elections is another way to show your stance towards different Union affairs.

If you do not agree with the resolution of the Council, under the endorsement of at least 3% of all Full Members of the Union, a General Meeting or General Polling can be called to consider the decision made in Council meetings. It makes the administration of the Union accountable to members.
若果同學對評議會的決議感到不滿,可以以「全民投票」及「全民大會」這兩種方式否決評議會之決議。「全民投票」及「全民大會」均可由 不少於百分之三學生會基本會員發動,使學生會受會員監察,防止弄權。