Council Members

The membership of the Council is as follows:

  • Chairperson of the Union Council
  • Honorary Secretary of the Union Council (non-voting)
  • All Union Executives (17 seats, including the Presidents of Sports Association, Cultural Association and Independent Clubs Association ex officio)
  • Two representatives from each of Sports Association, Cultural Association and Independent Clubs Association (6 seats)
  • Hall Students’ Association Representatives (15 seats)
  • Faculty Society Representatives (10 seats)
  • Popularly Elected Union Councillors (10 seats)
  • Editor-in-Chief of Undergrad and Chairperson of Campus TV
  • President of the previous Union Session (Official Observer)
    去屆會長 (法定觀察員)

Except for the Chairperson and the Honorary Secretary, each seat in the Union Council represents students in distinctive aspects of campus life including the administration of Union and University, academic interests, hall community, recreation and community services.


For the current session, the Council Chairperson is CHAN Sze Chai, Max (BSocSc(Govt&Laws)&LLB II) and the Honorary Secretary is SHUM Chung Kit, Elsin (BEd&BSc II).
本年度評議會主席為陳思齊(社會科學學士(政治學與法學)及法學士(雙學位課程) 二年級),而榮譽秘書為沈中傑(教育學士及理學士(雙學位課程) 二年級

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