Council Business Committee (CBC)

The Council Business Committee (CBC) advises on the general administration of the Council and the cooperation of Councillors. It also organises the Annual Debate and reviews external statements issued by Union Sub-organisations. The detailed Terms of Reference of CBC can be found in Council By-laws Section Six(XIV).



  1. To advise the Union Council on matters relating to the general administration of the Union Council and the co-ordination of Councillors and Official Observers;
  2. To evaluate the running of the Union Council and recommend improvements to the Union Council if necessary;
  3. To meet before Union Council Meetings to discuss the arrangement of business in the meeting when requested by the Council Chairperson;
  4. To be responsible for providing orientation programmes for the Councillors and Official Observers;
  5. To be responsible for organizing the Annual Debate and help to publicize message of the Union Council in the absence of Popularly Elected Union Councillors;
  6. To review statements issued by Union sub-organizations to the general public or any external body;
  7. To convene, and assist Council Chairperson in conducting, extra-ordinary general meeting (or equivalent, if any) of directly affiliated sub-organization if
    • it is unable to convene extra-ordinary general meeting by itself; and
    • this committee receives requisition from
      • a certain percentage, as stated in the constitution concerned, of its full member, or
      • a quarter of the quorum of GM, as stated in constitution concerned, in case (b)(i) not applicable; and
    • this committee deems it is appropriate to convene such extra-ordinary general meeting
  8. Membership:
    1. Council Chairperson [Chairperson]
    2. Honorary Secretary [Secretary]
    3. President
    4. 3 non-executive Councillors (preferably 1 Popularly Elected Union Councillor, if any)

The current membership of the Committee is as follows. 本委員會現有之成員如下:

 Chairperson (Council Chairperson)

WAN Danian Anson

21 Feb 2019-

 Secretary (Honorary Secretary)

LAU Lok Yiu

21 Feb 2019-

 Member (Acting President)

WONG Davin Kenneth

30 Mar 2019 –

 Members (non-executive Councillors)

WONG Pak Tsung
黃柏璁 (DSR)

21 Feb 2019-

TANG Yuet Yan Jocelyn
鄧悦昕 (SJCHR)

21 Feb 2019-

FU Ting Hin
傅霆軒 (RCLHR)

30 Mar 2019-