Council Committees

Under the Council’s structure there are six Standing Committees, a Judicial Committee and a number of Committees ad hoc. The Standing Committees are established by the Council By-laws to help facilitate policy-wise significant aspects of functions of the Council; the Judicial Committee serves as the Union’s final judicial power, and; various Committees ad hoc and Commissions may be set up for a specific commissioned business.


Currently the Council observes reports from the following Committees:

Standing Committees 常設委員會:
Constitution Review Committee (CRC) 修憲委員會
Current Affairs Committee (CAC) 時事委員會
University Affairs Committee (UAC) 大學事務委員會
Delegation to Hong Kong Federation of Students (DHKFS) 學聯代表團 (terminated in CM1 2015)
Union Finance Committee (UFC)財務委員會
Union Elections Committee (UEC) 選舉委員會
Council Business Committee (CBC) 評議會事務委員會
Judicial Committee (JC) 評議會仲裁委員會

Committees ad hoc 專責委員會:

Session 2016

Tendering Committee of Union Building Shop (est. CM1)
Union By-election Commission 2016 (est. ECM1)
Orientation Affairs Committee (est. CM2)
Tendering Committee of Notebook Ownership Program (est. ECM3)
Union Mobile Application Working Group (est. CM4)

Session 2015

Orientation Affairs Committee (est. ECM2)
Tendering Committee of Notebook Ownership Program (est. CM3)
The Committee on Publication of Hong Kong Nationalism (香港民族論) (est. CM4)
Commission for the General Polling regarding HKU Council (est. ECM7)
Union Journal Editorial Committee (est. CM6)
Election Commission for the Election of Undergraduate Membership to the Boards of Faculties 2016 (est. ECM11)

Session 2014

Council Restructuring Working Group, Session 2013 (terminated in ECM9)
Union By-election Commission 2014 (est. ECM1, conc. ECM5)
By-election Commission of the Undergraduate Student Membership to the Board of Faculties 2014 (est. ECM1, conc. ECM5)
Tendering Committee of Notebook Ownership Programme 2014 (est. CM2, conc. CM8)
Orientation Affairs Committee (est. CM2, conc. CM8)
Annual Election Commission 2015 (est. CM5)
Election Commission of Undergraduate Student Membership to the Board of Faculties 2015 (est. CM8)
Working Group on Orientation Affairs (est. CM8)
Union Staff Recruitment Committee (est. CM9)