Annual Debate

According to the Union Council by-laws, there will be a Council Meeting serving as the Annual Debate of that Council Session. “Annual Debate” would simply be a Council Meeting with specified issue/motion. Same as the other Council Meetings, all participates need to follow the Standing Orders in the Annual Debate. Indeed, what makes the Annual Debate so different is that speaking rights would be granted to all Union Full Members. It is a good chance to let all Union Full Members involve in the Council Meeting and know more about the Union Council.

What is Written Opinion?

Written opinion is the stance paper written by each Council Member stating their stance or other opinions on the motion. Together with some supporting data provided by the University, these opinions will be published as a booklet and will be distributed on day.

Annual Debate 2016
The University of Hong Kong shall be a university for Hong Kong

(Motion carried.)

Annual Debate 2015
The University of Hong Kong shall abolish the Common Core Curriculum

(Motion defeated.)

Annual Debate 2014
Simplified Chinese characters should be taught in Practical Chinese courses in HKU

(Motion defeated.)

Annual Debate 2013
The maximum intake of non-local applicants to HKU should be reduced

(Motion defeated.)