Why the Council?

Why should I care about the Council? Listen to some of the viewpoints these Councillors hold.



The essence of University education is liberty. The most obvious manifestation of this is the freedom in your arrangement of time—no other people will help you design your lesson timetable. And what is fundamental to liberty is understanding. You will probably agree that one cannot make their choice without understanding their true options. Understanding the Union Council is the core to campus life, it enables you to access to information around you and empowers you to make the choice for the years ahead without regret.

— Benny Sham, Council Chairperson, Session 2014

二零一四年度 評議會主席 沈君浩


A place is lesser than a ruin when it forgets its history. The Union Council still keeps documents dating back to The 60s, recording delicately moves of HKU and the Students’ Union. From Pokfulam it prints an unparalleled historical view of this City despite its lack of archival legislation. Such history can withstand time only as much as paper can survive rain. This haven for reasons and discussions can allow debates of students’ dreams only when we support its pillars and secure its ceiling.

—Daniel Suen, Honorary Secretary, Session 2014

二零一四年度 評議會榮譽秘書 孫卓衡


The Council is my first impression towards the Union, without the Councillors, the100-year foundation of HKUSU would not have been preserved; The Council is my remaining hope towards Hong Kong, without the Councillors, the virtue of representative democracy would not have been upheld.

— Yvonne Leung, President, Session 2014

二零一四年度 會長 梁麗幗


Where is the ‘Legislative Council’ in the University of Hong Kong?  Here the Hong Kong University Students’ Union Council you are, a place treasuring fruitful and fierce debates on different issues. Being a Councillor gives me a right to voice out and reminds me an obligation to serve. Union Council always highlights the importance of concerning social movement, Union affairs and serving you all, in which I realise how a responsible HKUer should be. Young men replace the old, the old initiates Union Council but more importantly, you are the one to pass on such previous tradition.

— Arika Ho, Starr Hall Representative, Session 2014

二零一四年度 施德堂學生會代表 何珈彥

Some people think that there are so many ridiculous problems happened in Hong Kong now. However, I  tell you that if there was no Union Council, those ridiculous things would also happen in HKU.

— Lewis Lam, Wei Lun Hall Representative, Session 2014

二零一四年度 偉倫堂宿生會代表 林進庭

When people realise that I am a Councillor on the Union Council, the response I always get is: I hear you have meetings ridiculously late into the night. In face, that seems to be the only thing anyone knows or asks about, if at all. But if you had instead asked me something as simple as what we talk about in our long meetings, I could have told you about so many of the going-ons around us on campus: new caterers, actions responding to social issues, University green policies…… some of which you would most definitely be interested to hear about. So please, ask Councillors, follow the Council Facebook Page, visit  this website and you will find something surprisingly relevant to you.

—Celine Kwok, Law Association Representative, Session 2014

二零一四年度 法律學會代表 郭善靈

Some people claim that today’s LegCo is as ridiculous as the HKUSU Council two years ago. History always repeats itself. Hope all of you can pay more attention to the things happening in Council so as to monitor the Union. Without your concern, imbecile actions by the Union representing all of you may happen again.

–Laurence Tang, President, Session 2013

二零一三年度 會長 鄧日朗