Agenda of 2nd Ordinary Council Meeting of Session 2015

2nd Ordinary Council Meeting

Date: 8/4/2015 (WED)
Time: 1830-
Venue: Union Foyer, 1/F, Union Building

0. Meeting Call to order and sing the Union Song

Section A
1. To read out the correspondences
2. To receive the maiden speeches of new councillors
3. To report the motions carried by circulation
4. To receive and adopt the agenda
5. To adopt the minutes of previous Council Meetings

Section B
1. To receive the Council Chairperson’s address
2. To appoint student representatives on University Committees
3. To discuss the affiliation of Architectural Conservation Association
4. To appoint members of Council Standing Committees
5. Questions put to the Union Executives and Council Committees
6. To receive the Annual Election 2015 and the Election of Undergraduate Student Membership to the Boards of Faculties 2015 Report
7. To receive and adopt the annual report of Campus TV, HKUSU Session 2014
8. To receive and adopt the annual report of Undergrad, HKUSU Session 2014
9. To receive and adopt the annual report of Union Executives, HKUSU Session 2014
10. To amend the Union By-laws
11. To discuss financial matters related to the Hong Kong Federation of Students
12 A.O.B.