Agenda of 8th Ordinary Council Meeting (CM8), HKUSU Council, Session 2014

Date: 29/11/2014 (Sat)
Time: 18:00 –
Venue: Union Council Chamber, 2/F, Union Building

0. Meeting called to order and Sing the Union Song

Session A

  1. To read out the correspondences
  2. To report the motion(s) carried by circulation
  3. To receive and adopt the agenda
  4. To receive and adopt the minutes of previous Council Meetings
  5. To receive the maiden speeches of New Councillors

Session B

  1. To appoint members of Council Standing Committee(s)
  2. To appoint the Honorary Treasurer for Session 2015-2017
  3. To discuss the resignation of Publications and Publicity Secretary, MAK Tsz


  4. To receive and adopt the half-yearly report of Union Executives
  5. To receive and adopt the Annual Report of Presdient of Sports Association,

    HKUSU Session 2013

  6. To receive and adopt the report of Council Resturcturing Working Group,

    HKUSU Council Session 2013

  7. To receive and adopt the Dispute Resolution Committee, HKUSU Council

    Session 2013

  8. To discuss the amendments to Union Constitution
  9. To discuss the new investment agreement of the Union
  10. To review Council Attendance
  11. A.O.B.