Agenda of the 7th Ordinary Council Meeting, HKUSU Council, Session 2014

Dear all,

Attached please find the updated agenda of CM7
0. Meeting called to order and Sing the Union Song.
Section A
1. To read out the correspondence.
2. To report the motion(s) carried by circulation.
3. To receive and adopt the agenda.
4. To receive and adopt the minutes of previous Council Meetings.
Section B
1. To receive the Half-yearly Reports of Union Executives.
   (a) President
   (b) Vice-president (Internal)
   (c ) General Secretary
   (d) Financial Secretary
   (e) University Affairs Secretary
   (f) Student Welfare Secretary
   (g) Publications and Publicity Secretary
   (h) Administrative Secretary
2. To discuss the affiliation of Muslim Students’ Association
3. To receive and adopt the Half-yearly Report of Undergrad, HKUSU
4. To receive and adopt the Half-yearly Report of Campus TV, HKUSU
5. To appoint student representatives as members of Working Group on Hall Admission Point System
6. To nominate a student representative to the steering committee of HKU 81 inclusive fund.
7. To discuss the proposed amendments of Union Finance Regulations.
8. A.O.B.

Best Regards,

SHAM Kwan Ho,

Council Chairperson,
HKUSU Council Session 2014