The Hong Kong University Students’ Union Council (Union Council or the Council), as the highest standing authority within HKUSU, has the longest history among all students’ organisations of tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. The Council represents all members of the Union and acts as the bridge of communication between the Union and the University authorities. The functions of the Council can be summarised as follows.

  • Supervise the Union Executives and Union Sub-organisations.
  • Formulate policies in the Union and monitor its finances
  • Receive and handle complaints and violations of regulations
  • Review Constitution, By-laws and Regulations of the Union
  • Appoint members of Council Committees and students representatives in University Committees

Union Councillors and Full Members are able to discuss University and social issues in Council Meetings and Committee Meetings, providing a well-established platform for the Union to formulate its policies and stances.


  • 監察學生會幹事會及屬會
  • 制訂學生會政策及監管其財政
  • 處理投訴及違規事宜
  • 檢討學生會憲章、評議會附例及其他守則
  • 任命評議會委員會成員及大學管治委員會學生代表


You may refer to the Introductory Booklet 2016 prepared by the Council Business Committee for more information about the Council.

Introductory Booklet of HKUSU Council 2016

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